Travel Insurance For Visitors And Immigrants In Canada

As an immigrant or tourist, you should be prepared for unexpected medical emergencies with the help of visitors to Canada insurance or medical insurance for immigrants. These emergencies could add up to be the most expensive of all hidden costs when it comes to visiting the country.

Several travel insurance companies can assist with this type of eventuality. Canadian medical rates are costly in Canada and without insurance, you and your family will be liable to pay for such costs in the event of an emergency. This can result in a huge financial burden.

This type of policy can cover unexpected, unforeseen and sudden circumstances. However, cover is not available to people that have had major organ transplants or have been on dialysis in the past year. AIDS, HIV and cancer will usually be excluded from this kind of cover, particularly if the cancer has metastasized. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is excluded and so is anyone who has been prescribed oxygen treatment in the last twelve months.

Travel insurance cover has many exclusions, limitations and conditions and is only available to teenagers of fifteen years or older that are in good health at the time of purchase and on the date on which the policy takes effect. You will have to sign an endorsement to state that you are not aware of any reason why you would require medical assistance during the coverage period. When you take the policy, you should not live in rehabilitation center, convalescent home or nursing home or require assistance with daily activities.

Should you wish to stay longer, you may purchase further coverage. Such coverage will be sufficient for trips outside the country too, provided you spend the majority of the coverage period in Canada. However, medical expenses, which are incurred in your home country, will not be covered.

Plans vary from aggregate limits of $10,000 – $150,000. Additional options may be added to enhance the policy features. The cost will be increased. Your personal information is protected, as your confidentiality is important to an insurer.

Most travel insurance companies have professional personnel to deal with emergencies and claims. They generally have twenty-four hour call centers with multilingual staff. This is particularly useful as information regarding your coverage is relayed to the hospitals. Payments are also coordinated and in some cases, your family doctor is contacted for your medical history.

Travel insurance policies usually have no deductible. In the poly, there are many benefits. Hospitalization in a semi-private hospital is included, as well as medical, surgical and anesthetic services rendered in the event of an emergency, under the care of an authorized physician.

Extended benefits are included, such as emergency transportation, transportation of a family member or friend, nursing attendant, follow-up visits, accidental dental emergencies, meals and accommodation, emergency return home and several death benefits. Flight accidents, terrorist acts and trip interruptions are covered.

This is an essential insurance product for anyone wishing to travel or immigrate to Canada or any other destination. These policies can often be applied for online or telephonically and activated instantly. Quotations are available online.

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