Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada

A very traumatic experience could occur when an immigrant or holidaymaker is visiting Canada and that person takes ill or is involved in an accident of sorts. Thankfully, a company can assist people in this regard. The company is geared to cater for visitors and immigrants medical insurance to Canada.

People in Canada are well aware of the cost of medical care in that country. Daily hospital rates can run into the thousands of dollars. Immigrants or visitors could find themselves in a spot of bother should they need medical treatment. This is why this kind of cover is important to have when traveling.

Having one of these policies can cover unforeseen events that occur while on holiday. Numerous exclusions that will apply and the policyholder will need to be familiar with these exclusions. Pre existing conditions will be excluded. Mental diseases are largely also excluded. HIV and AIDS are also not covered by the policy. Pancreas cancer and other metastatic types of cancer are also not covered by this policy. Major organ transplants are not eligible to be covered either.

There is a company in Canada that has more than fifty years experience in this field of health insurance specific to travel. Company staff members are well aware of what visitors to the country will need when visiting the country. Full support is provided to policyholders. Al relevant information is passed onto clients in a manner that is simple to understand.

An insurance company does the underwriting of these applications. The company has assets that amount to more than six billion dollars. Cover can be acquired for as little as ten thousand dollars and can be as high as one hundred and fifty dollars. While there is no maximum age that one needs to be to take the cover, the minimum age is fifteen.

Anyone who qualifies for benefits under a Canada government health insurance policy are forbidden to take one of these polices out. The health of the applicant needs to be good when applying. There should be no pending medical consultation with a doctor while the policy is in force. The applicant should not be in need to reside in a convalescent home of any kind. This includes any kind of recuperative institution. Extended cover can be arranged should the visitor wish to stay for a longer period in Canada. This is subject to the applicant being in good health and that no claim was lodged before the extended cover was requested.

One can be covered for trips outside of Canada provided the majority of time is spent in the country. Any expenses that are due in the country of the policyholders country will not be paid out. The client’s personal and medical information is safe and secure.

The company has staff that work around the clock. This means whenever a claim is lodged, there is someone available to facilitate this process. They staff speak in a variety of languages as most often they speak with immigrants. The staff will handle hospital transport; the staff will manage payments due.

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