The Importance of Getting Medical Insurance when Travelling to Canada

Canada is a very popular destination for foreign visitors who come to take in the welcoming cultural, the natural beauty and landscape, and high quality of life that’s offered in this great country. Not only is Canada a popular destination spot, it is also one of the world’s strongest economies. This means that Canada brings in many business travelers, foreign workers, new immigrants and international students each year; and for this reason, medical insurance is highly encouraged.

The good news is that medical insurance is affordable. For instance, individual coverage can be purchased for as little as $3-$5/day for a someone around 40 years of age, while an entire family can be covered for as little as $15/day.

The right medical insurance plan covers virtually everything that you may need as a traveler to Canada. Whether you are travelling alone on business, or together with your family, choosing Canada as your vacation destination has to be supplemented with the right insurance plan.

Case by Case

Foreign workers in Canada

Canada’s labor shortage has provided foreign workers an opportunity to apply for a work visa. Work visas are often issued for 6 months – the time a foreign worker becomes eligible for Provincial health insurance coverage.  As a result of this, health insurance has to be purchased to cover emergency medical costs during the time a foreign worker is in Canada with a temporary work visa.

Tourists and Business Travelers Visiting Canada

At the sudden circumstance of an unexpected medical condition, an emergency medical insurance plan for visitors to Canada covers individuals up to 89 years of age; no medical questions are asked, but, if a pre-existing medical condition does exist, you may be excluded from coverage.

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance

If you are foreign worker who isn’t receiving coverage by your employers, you will be required to purchase private medical insurance. Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance is available for Single, Couple, or family coverage for an entire work visa term in Canada.

International Students in Canada

Many international students choose Canada as their foreign education destination, however, not all are eligible for government sponsored health insurance. Those who are eligible often have to wait three months before the coverage comes into effect. Furthermore, international students who are not attending eligible educational institutions are not covered by the provincial government health insurance plan. International students have the choice of purchasing complete Hospital Insurance or Emergency Medical Insurance.

Health and Hospital Insurance

Health and Hospital insurance offers International Students visiting Canada complete health coverage. In addition to emergency medical coverage, non-emergency health costs and prescription drugs are also covered up to maximum amounts.

Make sure that you are protected and worry-free during your stay in Canada with the right insurance plan for you.


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